Let us teach you the world's most valuable skill

Do you have big dreams? What's holding you back? Chances are, you need to learn a few more skills before you're ready. We'll show you how to start.

It's no secret that we live in a knowledge-based economy. If you want to increase your potential and realize your teams, you need to learn new skills and acquire more knowledge. You can't afford to stop learning jub ecause you are no longer in school. We teach you how to keep your potential growing throughout your entire life.

Onyx Learner Academy will turn you into a lifelong learner. You will be able to learn any skill you need to get a promotion at work, secure a better job, or even start your own business.
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What is Onyx Learner Academy?

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Learn how to thrive with modern digital learning

It's important for you to be always learning in today's knowledge-based, data-driven society. Onyx Learner Academy will teach you the skills you never learned in school so you can always stay one step ahead.

  • You'll learn how to develop the best lifelong learning habits for 21st Century digital learners

  • We'll cover it all, from theory to practice, so you can start succeeding in online education immediately

  • You'll create your first personal curriculum and receive digital resources to help you along your way

Study smarter with Onyx Learner Academy

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Onyx 101 Pre-order bonuses

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  • 50% off Full Onyx Membership
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    Secure a lifetime discount on your personal learning journey with Onyx Education membership. You'll have access to regularly released content, a virtual reality campus, and more.

  • Free Copy of The Onyx Book of Learning
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    Be the first to receive a digital copy of The Onyx Book of Learning when it is published. Dive deep into self-determined learning in an enriching and visually stimulating way.

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    Secure a lifetime discount on our mobile-only membership to Onyx Education. You'll receive daily content, action steps & metrics, and access to a personal coach via in-app messaging.

Onyx 101 is your first step in lifelong learning

Are you ready for a life of growth, success, and fulfillment?

Embracing change can be scary, and today it can feel like things are changing faster than ever before. Let us teach you a proven method for learning that will ensure you are always ready to identify problems, design solutions, and create systems to support you in whatever you want to do.
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It's time for Education 3.0

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The Onyx Way

Education for the 21st Century

Many learners discover that education is expensive, hard to navigate, and often doesn't meet the needs of today's challenges. Onyx is about teaching you how to bridge the gap between yourself and your educational goals through the best learning tools & techniques so you can be your best.

We ensure that everything in Onyx Learner Academy is evidence-based. When it comes to providing world-class education, there's no guesswork with Onyx. Our techniques are based on recognized best practices, innovative theories, and extensive experience with online & independent learning.

About Your Instructor

Doctor Onyx

Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly (CK), the founder of Onyx, believes that all learners deserve access to the best knowledge and educational resources. He started Onyx in 2020 with a vision & mission to provide high-quality educational experiences and usher in Education 3.0. CK is a doctoral candidate in Education, and lifelong learning expert. He focuses on the connections between international education, digital development, and timeless best practices for lifelong learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still feeling unsure? Find answers below

  • What does "lifelong learning for personal success" mean?

    Lifelong learning for personal success means tackling your problems and creating growth opportunities with the best tools & techniques available. It's important to not only take in information through reading and videos, but to start using that new knowledge in your daily life. Of course, we provide reading & videos, but we take it a step further by giving you the guidance you need to apply what you learn immediately.

  • What topics will Onyx Learner Academy teach me?

    You'll learn self-determined learning, design thinking, systems thinking, mindfulness, deep work, lifelong learning, and more. Onyx Learner Academy includes 20 topics, all directly aimed at teaching you how to confidently learn any subject you want.

  • Why the name "Onyx" Learner Academy?

    Onyxx Learner Academy is part of the Onyx Global network, and the beginning of our lifelong learning journey for 21st Century learners. We are building a new kind of educational experience that is unlike any you've seen before. Learn more about our personalized education membership at www.onyx.education.

  • Is being an Onyx Learner expensive?

    Nope! One of our specific goals is to be accessible and affordable. Start learning with Onyx for $100 with Onyx Learner Academy, and keep your lifelong learning journey going with our mobile membership ($30/month) or full network membership ($100/month).